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What's so Great about Dogging in Auckland?

couple arriving at the dogging session

The simplest thing is try it yourself - right now! But if you'd like to learn a little more first … Dogging is a fetish where groups of people meet for public sex outdoors.

It generally happens at night, and the locations are usually easy to reach by car, remote enough for privacy yet close enough to civilisation to give you that slight frisson of danger.

Some folks come to watch, others come to take part, but everyone has a great time! Guys and girls, sexy singles and swinging couples: they're all welcome.

Once you've tried it, there's no going back: the sheer visceral thrill of getting down and dirty out in the boonies under the night sky is like nothing else.

It's such a buzz: a chance to shake off all those taboos that tell you how to behave, an opportunity rediscover that primitive cave man sex drive. No wonder dogging in NZ is really taking off. Interested? Sign up to to get the lowdown on this increasingly popular pastime.

So how do you go about dogging in Auckland?

Its mild climate and long coastline make Auckland ideal for sneaking off for sexy rendezvous. After dark, places such as the rugged Riverhead Forest, Walker Park in Point Chevalier, the car park near Point Erin pool and any number of shady corners along Mission Bay, Stanley Bay and the North Shore are hives of sexual activity.

Couples putting on a free live sex show, nympho babes trying out multiple partners and voyeurs getting off on all that bare flesh - it's all happening.

Here's the thing, though: the favourite places for meet-ups keep on changing, so if you really want to get into dogging in Auckland, you need someone to give you the inside scoop.

That's where Flirtfair comes in. When you sign up, you'll be able to make contact with other enthusiastic followers of dogging in Auckland. Once you're in the loop, they'll let you know when the next meet is taking place and message you with the details. Then all you have to do is rock up and take part in the fun. It's as simple as that.

Craig talks about his experiences dogging in Auckland

“I've been married for 15 years and in all that time I've never stopped being proud of how hot my wife Laurie looks. Ever since I heard about it, I've been wanting to try dogging in Auckland as a way of showing her off to other guys. Laurie wasn't keen at first, but I nagged her about it, and eventually she agreed to give it a go. Long story short, I found out where the next meet-up was happening. We turn up at this car park whose name I won't mention. Laurie gives me this “what are we doing here?” look, but eventually I persuade her to get out of the car.”

“With a nervous shrug, she takes off her coat and she's standing there in just her fishnets and undies, headlights playing over her ample curves. Needless to say, she immediately became the centre of attention.”

“The plan was that she would give me some head while everyone else had to watch green with envy, but instead she flicks me a strange smile and sashays over to this hunky dude instead and starts pulling out his schlong … Her idea of revenge, I suppose, but actually it just made me even more incredibly horny.”

“When we got home we went at it like rabbits, and now my wife is mad keen to go dogging in Auckland all the time!”

sexy blond dogger on the side of a road
Just get in your car and enjoy outdoor sex with experienced local doggers

Get all the help you need to go dogging in Auckland today

Part of the appeal of dogging in Auckland is that it's a secret world, something mysterious that happens in the shadows. To explore this fascinating subculture, you need an “in”: and that's what you get with dating sites like Flirtfair. Here you can chat with everyone else on the scene, picking up tips on the best locations, finding out the most popular days of the week to organize a meet-up. After you've gone along to a few, you can even start arranging some dogging meets yourself.

And remember, you don't have to be single: lots of guys bring the wife or girlfriend.

Think of it: a little bit of online chat, and you'll be able to head out to some secret spot where your wildest dreams can come true. No names, no personal histories, just body encountering body for the sheer joy of having anonymous animal sex. How can you resist?

So don't wait: sign up to and get ready for your nights to become a whole lot more interesting!

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