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Dogging in Tauranga is More Accessible Than Ever

naked brunette woman waiting for a dogging partner
Just go out and you will find a dogging partner

Dogging in Tauranga is currently experiencing a huge surge in popularity, thanks to how accessible it has become.

The act of having sex in public areas — or watching people having sex outdoors — is both exciting and dangerous. All over the area, men and women are leaving their inhibitions at home and indulging in the filthiest, horniest sex of their lives.

Whether it’s on the beach or in a public park at night, dogging in Tauranga gives ordinary people the opportunity to let their hair down with complete strangers. Some people prefer to be the centre of attention, and put on an incredible sex show for watching strangers.

Other people, however, prefer to watch the action. Whatever you feel like doing, you don’t have to worry about embarrassment or awkwardness, as doggers are extremely welcoming and open. If you’re interested in getting involved in the naughty action, doing so is probably easier than you think.

By signing up with Flirtfair online, you can be part of the dogging community in minutes. Create a profile, add a few photos, and start reaching out to people who enjoy dogging sex. You can use the chatrooms to connect, or send individual messages to people in the know.

While you might need to wait for a local event, the chances are your wait won’t be too long. Dogging in NZ is highly addictive; once you’ve had a taste, it’s hard to be without it.

What Does Dogging in Tauranga Involve?

Dogging in Tauranga involves sex in public places, where people either watch or take part. The action might take place in a public park at night, or in someone’s car. Back streets, beaches and parking lots are also popular dogging spots.

Basically, any public area that offers a little seclusion is perfect for dogging action. Forests are also popular, as they provide much needed seclusion from the authorities. Luckily, living in and around Tauranga gives you a wide choice of dogging locations to choose from.

There are often big meets in Yatton Park and Fergusson Park. If you want to enjoy some dogging action by the sea, keep your eyes peeled for events in Anzac Bay and Pilot Bay. All you need to do to be one of the first to learn of dogging in Tauranga is register with Flirtfair.

Perhaps you want to ease yourself into this exciting activity. If so, that’s absolutely fine. Most dogging events involve spectators pleasuring themselves. But if you feel like getting involved, there are plenty of open dogging events on the calendar too.

Whether you want full sex, a hand job or oral sex, you should be able to find a meeting that suits your needs without too much trouble. Register with Flirtfair, and start reaching out to the very welcoming dogging community in Tauranga.

Peter’s Dogging Experience Saved His Marriage

I was on the verge of leaving my 25-year marriage when I noticed an online ad for dogging in Tauranga. I knew all about dogging, as one of my friends had been hassling me to try it out for months. My mate told me that everyone just gets on with the business of sex; there are rarely any meetings beforehand.

You simply turn up on the day and get stuck in. My marriage had been sexless for months at this point, so I decided that I had absolutely nothing to lose. I signed up with Flirtfair, and started to contact local people in the area.

Within three days, I met a guy called Jim. He told me that his wife would be welcoming guys at a park in Tauranga at midnight. She would be dishing out handjobs and blowjobs like sweets, and two lucky guys would get the chance to fuck her. I was so excited I could hardly sleep that night.

The big day had arrived. I was actually the first person to arrive at the designated meeting point. One by one, cars approached, switching off their headlights as they neared the spot. Within 10 minutes, there must have been at least a dozen guys there. An older woman then stepped out of one of the cars.

She was wearing a short skirt and low-cut blouse. You could see her massive tits wobbling like jelly. Without saying a word, she got on her knees and ushered over me and two other guys. I took my cock out and put it straight in her mouth. The other two guys got handjobs, and everyone else in the background started to masturbate — all waiting for their turn.

As a result of that electric night, I’m still with my wife. We are slowly experimenting with different types of sex, and it’s all down to dogging in Tauranga!

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You can participate as a single with your partner or in groups

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