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Meet and fuck

Young attractive blonde woman undressingMeet and fuck – when that spark happens the moment you set eyes on someone. Ever walked into a club and caught someone's eye from the first moment... and you just knew you'd get along in bed with this person as your fuck buddy? Maybe you've acted on that feeling – or maybe you haven't. Here's why you should.

Meet and fuck encounters

There's no denying it: casual sex with someone you've just met, e.g. after an initial chat on a dating site is exciting. The thrill of being with someone new is always a temptation. When you meet and fuck, it's with someone who has zero expectations, freeing you up to be as wild as you choose. Whatever comes from the encounter is a bonus. It's living your life in the zen zone – it's really living in the here and now. It's exciting and spontaneous and may take you right out of your comfort zone – and isn't that a good thing?Sex with someone new adds a sense of adventure to your life. Meet and fuck – or a one night stand– is where the two of you meet as perfect equals. One night stands have always existed but there was a time not so long ago when it carried real social consequences – for women. Men could be admired for their sexual adventuring but "good" women weren't supposed to get involved in casual sex on any level - which was, for one, highly illogical.

If it was okay for heterosexual men to get it on, who exactly were they supposed to be hooking up with?? Let's just be thankful those days are now over and it is generally considered normal and healthy for people of both sexes to experiment with multiple sexual partners without facing that kind of social stigma or without instantly being labeled swingers. Women are just as free to enjoy themselves as men – and that's a wonderful thing. So how do you get started? Let's face it, a meet and fuck situation is based largely on chemistry and looks – not just the body or face, but also clothes and circumstance – like meeting in an ultra-cool nightclub where you're both dressed to kill. It takes the excitement of that scene and ramps up the ante. Or maybe you turn down the aisle of the grocery store and your heart starts thumping at the sight of the guy in the skinny black jeans and t-shirt ripped just enough that you can glimpse the bulging muscles underneath... que rico! But do you act on it? Or do you let the moment go by?

Whether you are single, between relationships, don't want any relationships or even in one already – meet and fuck is the perfect adventure. After all, what's cleaner than a meet and fuck where you don’t even know each other's names? It can also be very discrete. Provided you take the right precautions, there's no need for your friends or even significant other to know anything happened at all. So where can you find someone for that meet and fuck adventure?

Good-looking woman in a short sexy shirt displaying her bellySome ideas: At a club where there's music, dancing, drinking and everyone's partying; online – there are lots of websites where you can hook up with someone right now; on the bus, at the grocery store – if you're bold enough and sure of the attraction, it can happen anywhere; on the phone – yes, of course there are phone apps devoted to this very purpose. It depends on what you want from the encounter. The truest sense of spontaneity naturally comes from those real-life haphazard encounters – the grocery store scenario for example. Just how wild do you want it to be? The web or phone app route can be more reliable but also full of people you may or may not want to meet.Is this a lifestyle for you? Or just an occasional fling? On the other hand, finding someone on the web may also be safer in that you're dealing with people who already know what's what and what the deal is, hopefully keeping things at a casual level with no complications.

Keeping it simple

While a meet and fuck encounter is a fantastic way to have fun, it can cause a few problems if you're not really prepared for it or handle it the wrong way. Here are some tips on keeping it easy, breezy and oh so much fun:

  • Don't lead them on and make sure you know what your own motives are. Sure, there are solid, long term relationships out there that began with a one night stand... but they're about one in a thousand or more, and you don’t have time for that. The best course is to limit your own expectations at just a one night and make sure your prospective partner does too – or as best you can. Let them know from the outset that's all you're in it for.
  • Do be respectful even if it's only for one night – you want to leave them with happy memories after your meet and fuck encounter, not a desire to kill you if they ever run into you again. Sex is the best when both of you are going for it in an atmosphere of... shall we say friendliness? It just makes for a better experience and purely pleasant memories.
  • Don't stay overnight or let them stay overnight. A motel, car or what have you is probably the best choice – i.e. neither their place nor your place and nothing to connect the rest of your life to the encounter. Ideally, make it somewhere you can easily leave without a trace.
  • Do be safe and not sorry and take all the necessary precautions for your meet and fuck encounter – that includes both condoms and things like letting at least one other person know where you will be for those few hours just in case. It's not just about STDs, it's about unwanted pregnancy too.
  • Do be extra careful where booze and intoxicating substances are involved – consent can be an issue and your own safety too.

Above all, keep it simple and keep it honest – and have fun.

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